The Beautocracy - beauty and fashion for the people and by the people.

The beautocracy  = beauty + democracy.  
The definition of a democracy by Merriam Webster is "a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free."
The Primp Network is a marketplace where you can shop the looks, styles, and product recommendations of real women - beauty and fashion bloggers and even members of the PRIMP community who are not active bloggers - they're just real people who want to share looks and products they love. Like a democracy, in our Beautocracy, the "supreme power" to decide what is beautiful, fashionable, on trend, and in-stye is in the hands of the Power Primpers and the PRIMP Community.  Critics, editors in the traditional sense, or dictators do not exist in our world.
The PRIMP Network is a platform for everyone who is interested in learning, discovering, sharing, and primpin' new looks is welcome.  Anyone can be a member of PRIMP, but to become a Power Primper, you must be recommended by your peers. 
Our shared goal is to inspire each other to primp - to adorn ourselves with care - to love ourselves.  
PRIMPING can lead to world peace because through the beautocracy, we are expanding the spectrum of who is modeling outfits and makeup, it's all done by the people - not models, not actors - real human beings. Yes, bloggers do set up a shot with a nice camera, they have become experts in lighting, composition, and their editorial craft, but they hired themselves - no agency or company lined them up in a room and decided who was going to be the next model on the billboard, commercial, or ad. 
Votes are cast in multiple ways, adding products to a look, saving a product to your faves, liking a look, and clicking "shop now" and buying a product is the ultimate vote of confidence in a brand, a product, and the influencer who helped you determine if the product is right for you.

The Beautocracy is a way of discovering beauty products where the power is in the hands of the people.  Instead of the media dictating what beauty is or ads telling us which products to buy, we let you decide.  On the Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP) website, you can vote on products you love and post photos of how your favorite beauty products look on you! When you add products to your PRIMP bag, you cast a product vote, which is made public to the PRIMP community. Your vote helps others decide what to buy. Also, we  welcome every woman to upload and tag makeup looks with the products you use.  Together, we are transforming the way beauty products are marketed to women.  We are helping each other decide what to buy - woman to woman.  

At PRIMP, we put the consumer in a position of power. Inspiration, convenience, and purpose are the three pillars that we employ at PRIMP in order to grant the consumer unbridled access to the discovery and sharing of beauty products and beauty looks. 

  1. Inspiration from beauty bloggers and the community - Have you ever found yourself 5 beauty blogs deep, searching product reviews?  After the needle in a haystack search for your perfect foundation,  you have to go elsewhere to make a purchase? Or have you ever been in the beauty aisle, looking at the photoshopped models in the glossy ads and wonder why these products never produced those same results? Well, me too. I created PRIMP for women who want to cut through the clutter and just buy beauty products from the recommendations of real women. We partnerned with the best beauty bloggers on the web, the Power Primpers - who post and tag their looks, reviews, and YouTube videos to the exact products they used. This way, we get the truth about beauty products from real women. Our Power Primpers are inspiring, authentic, and excellent product critics. What's more is that you can conveniently purchase directly from their content and further explore their blogs. 
  2. Convenience in online shopping for beauty products with PRIMP One Cart. The PRIMP One Cart lets you shop across all the top beauty retailers and brands, include Ulta, Sephora, Target, Neiman Marcus and more!
  3. Purpose - Woman to woman product recommendations and the sharing of looks inspires authenticity and expands the scope of beauty far beyond the traditional depictions of "perfection" in advertising and media.

The founder, Caroline, founded Pretty in my Pocket, from which the movement of the Beautocracy was inspired. She loves beauty products, fashion and just primpin' in general. She just did not like the way beauty/fashion/lifestyle products were marketed to woman.  

The aspirational portrayal of women as objects of perfection, beauty, and sometimes seduction in advertising and media has a diminishing impact on female leaders in our culture. What if women, in association with the marketing of beauty products, were portrayed as authentic, intelligent, and confident ladies, who are promoted as more than a pretty face, a celebrity, or a super model? Well, on PRIMP, you are the model. You are recommender of products, you are the face of beauty and confidence. Share your looks, tag the looks with the product. Boom. Truth and beauty as seen on a real woman is powerful.  The implication of shifting to a word of mouth discovery method - woman to women- is profound. Together, we can shift the portrayal of women into what we want to see instead of reflecting back what we see in the media. PRIMP is a media company because we publish content and sell products through affiliate marketing.  But, we are the most untraditional media company you will ever see.  Our mission is to inspire you to feel you best, most confident version of yourself. Therefore, unlike most media companies, fueled by emotionally manipulative advertising and photoshopped models - we promise to never use marketing tactics to make you feel inferior or not beautiful enough

We exist to instill radical self acceptance, which leads to self confidence. For women, the acceptance of your own self-worth and power gives you the freedom to fulfill your destiny as strong, confident, powerful leaders. 

Five years ago,  I was in a drugstore beauty aisle. I saw the high cheekbone, perfect nose, non winkled and non blemished model and thought, I never get that result with makeup - even with concealer!  My response to this tom foolery is Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP) -  a place for women to help other women discover beauty products. We use the truth, not the hype. PRIMP is a refuge from the perfection that's all too often depicted not only in association with beauty products, but in how women are portrayed in all media - films, television, magazines, etc. We are changing the face of pretty into something powerful. 

This is our blog where we discuss the untangling of the BS we're dealt from the media, movies, ads, and other institutions of riff raff that undermine our intelligence.  Duh, we know's it's all photoshopped and we're not gonna look like Beyonce if we buy it. We invite the next generation beauty consumer to shop and discover beauty products without the hype. We encourage you to upload your own looks and tag the products your primpin' on your face, skin, hair, nails, etc. This way, woman to woman, we put an authentic face on the beauty products we buy and love.

We cannot be it if we cannot see it.

If we, as women, do not see other women run for president,  earn equal pay in Hollywood, become CEO's,  dare to go to school, lead movements to support gender equality,  then how do we learn? Many women and men have helped pave the way.  Susan B. Anthony, a human rights activist, helped usher in our right to vote equitably in this country. In fact, the "B" in Beautocracy is traced from Susan B. Anthony's signature. In todays world, take a look at Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorena, Oprah, Marisa Meyer, Sheryl Sandberg, Malala Yousafzai, the late Benazair Bhutto, Paula Kweskin, Arianna Huffington, 2nd Lt. Melissa Cooling, Bethany Hamilton and many more.  I could write a list a mile long of all of the women who are showing up and proving out the theory of our equality.

Let's do this and and make it real for all women. Go to and register now.  When you register for PRIMP, you become a part of something much greater than just another beauty site. You join the movement of the Beautocracy with the mission to empower women by changing the paradigm of how we discover beauty and beauty products. Create a PRIMP profile. Add beauty products you recommend to your PRIMP bag. Upload your looks so we can see the products you use to primp with on a real person. To clarify, PRIMP does not ship inventory, nor do we have a warehouse of beauty products. We are not a retailer. We are a media company that markets beauty products to women through affiliate links. Learn about our business model here.

As consumers, we have a powerful vote.  When you register for PRIMP, you join the Beautocracy.  The Beautocracy is movement to democratize advertising of beauty products from word of mouth / woman to woman advertising. More importantly, the Beautocracy is democratizing the idea of what beauty is in relation to makeup and beauty products.

When you add products to your PRIMP bag, it's like a product vote. When you upload a look,  it's also like a vote for truth in beauty because your look helps shape a new powerful perception of pretty. Unlike old school media, there is no exclusive group who decides what's pretty. There's no scrutinizing casting call.  There's no elitist 1% that personifies the essence of beauty. 

We encourage women to learn about beauty products from one another. One, it's practical. But, two, it's necessary.  Through the Beautocracy, we can intelligently make an impact on the marketing of beauty products. After all, women make 70-80% of the consumer purchase decisions. That's power. Women to women = the new truth in advertising.


Peace. Love. PRIMP.