It's a movement to change the way beauty products are marketed to women by showing real women as the inspiration of beauty. The core ethos of Beautocracy is to detoxify the identification of personal beauty and self image as a flimsy reverberation of perfectionism. Oftentimes this dictum of perfectionism is espoused as the standard by the media and ad world - my previous occupational stomping ground. Instead, the Beautocracy is a movement that celebrates real traits that make us beautiful - wisdom, intellect, heart, integrity and self confidence [for example, Amy Cuddy, Melinda Gates, Elizabeth Gilbert, Oprah]. 

I believe the next generation beauty consumer appreciates authenticity. In my opinion, synthesizing with the ideals of the millennial generation will not only attract loyalty and customer advocates, but provide a long-term impact on society and culture. I know that's a lofty goal. But, seriously, the representation of female leaders in business, Congress, and power positions is evidence of our opportunity. On that note, I invite you - women, leaders, teachers, women in service, business women, doctors, scientists, politicians, actors, directors, authors, engineers, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs, innovators, students, daughters, sisters, mothers - to register for Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP) and upload your own versions of Pretty. Make a pledge to the encourage equanimity of how we're portrayed in the media, in association with beauty and fashion products, as leaders, as the powerful people we are and not just the pretty face.

We have the opportunity to inspire a new generation where truth in beauty reigns. I love to primp. But good God, if I see another photoshopped advertisement making another ill-conceived promise, I may just freak out.  Let's decide to evolve. Let's take pretty back into our own hands - away from the exclusive media groups who select the next super model / actor / image of beauty. Even they need a break from the scrutinizing casting calls punctuated with a strong suggestion to drop 20 pounds before filming.   My stars, if you have not watched the doc film MissRepresentation, you must.  

Let's be women who support other women. Let's start by casting our consumer vote through PRIMP - by making a pledge to allow real women guide us and inspire us in our next beauty purchase.  


Peace. Love. PRIMP!